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Pomegranate and Flaxseed Smoothie

Pomegranates are incredibly rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants. What better way to start your day than a bombe of vitamins and proteins to keep you going the whole day?!

Preparation Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Yield 1 serving
  • 1 cup fresh pomegranate juice
  • 2 tablespoons flaxseeds
  • 1/2 cup silken tofu
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt
  • 1 cup fresh or frozen berries
  • 1/2 cup ice cubes
  • 2 tablespoons honey


  1. Combine all the ingredients in your Nutribullet and process 20-30 seconds or until the smoothie is well blended and creamy.
  2. Pour in glasses of your choice and serve it immediately as it tends to lose nutrients in time.


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